Monday, 13 November 2017

Descriptive snow image writing

The crescent shaped bridge protects the icy cold stream flowing below.  Milk white snow surrounds it to keep it company.  Mouldy moss grows rapidly on the adamantine brick and ruins the texture.  The dead trees gasp for help as the snow wrecks them.  Asperous rocks peek out of the significant stream looking like mini volcanoes about to defeat the exotic, lush whiteness, with fierce, fiery, flaming lava.

The stream trickles loudly with delight as it flows underneath the vigorous, vast bridge.  Frosted snow drips in the stream after melting exquisitely.  Foxes howl to each other as if they are the king of the forest.  Swoosh!  The whistling wind whips through the unsatisfying trees and carries their conversation away.

A huge gust of hyperborean wind hits me as if I am rejected and unwelcome.  Goosebumps appear faster than the speed of a bullet train.  Frigid water rushed past and splashed on me like someone waking me up with a icy bucket of water.  My feet dig into the freezing deluxe snow and reminded me of my childhood when my height was short.  

I think you have entertained me by using your strong words-Viraj Mody     

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Pratham's reading group diorama

We have been reading a book called running wild from the author Michael Morpurgo. We have now finished it and all of us chose one main part of the story. My part is that the boy Will, goes to some one who saves him from the forest.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Roald Dahl research by the gru group

WALT-use research skills

That one move By Pratham

WALT-Use description

WALT-Correct Narrative sequence

Thomas Arrowsmith loved the hour or two he was allowed to play ‘Call Of Duty Black Ops 3’ on his addictive playstation.  The living room always smelt like coca cola and chips which he ate every time he played.   He rushed to the T.V and saw his pitch black hair and blood red glasses reflecting on the blank T.V screen.  The microscopic metallic blue ‘on’ button was shining like the sparkly ocean.  Thomas pressed the button as gently as tickling a new born baby.  As soon as he started the game, determined music came up.

Thomas wanted to choose/customize his gun.  There were dozens of death defying guns to choose from but he chose his favourite…  The ‘dingo.’  The game started and his character absconded all around the amazing aquarium.  Thomas could hear the noise of guns shooting from the T.V.  His character saw a person and bolted at him.  Eight bullets shot out of the pipe-like gun and killed his

In a blink of an eye, the playstation glitched.  Thomas was devastated.  He darted to the main decoder and tried to restart it.  Suddenly, he felt an energetic tug like he was being pulled by a magnetic force into the T.V.  He was lifted magically into the fresh air and unknowingly teleported to the deserted aquarium.  He was in the T.V!  ‘You have two lives and you need two kills to get out of here,’  Read a board that he saw.  Satisfactorily, he trudged around thinking that this will be the easiest task ever.  Unfortunately one bullet from a sniper, hit Thomas in the leg.  It didn’t hurt a bit, but it was a ‘one shot one kill’ gun so he lost a life and only had one more life left!  ‘You have ONE life and you need TWO kills to get out of here,’  read another board.  Cautiously, Thomas wandered around trying to keep calm and live life.

Injured screams were heard by everyone around Thomas.   Someone's leg poked out of the edge of the shark bay area.  Thomas took advantage of this lucky find and shot a bullet out of his gun (the dingo).  Thomas charged to the opponent faster than a cougar.  Another eleven bullets were shot at him and then the opponent died.  ‘You have ONE life and you need ONE kill to get out of here.’  Thomas knew that this board was the last one he would see because he could live, or die.  He saw a stain of red on his right-hand and looked back.  This was his one and only final chance…  If he killed that person, he could go back to his comfy, cosy, cushy home.  He shot all the bullets he could and killed the opponent.  Delighted, he jumped around and threw his gun in the ocean.

Suddenly, Thomas saw a portal and dashed to it.  The familiar magnetic force like pull was back and he again started floating in the air and he gleefully was ready to go home.  But as soon as he reached his home, he was unknowingly very uncertain of what had happened and had a severe headache.  As Thomas went to pick up his coal black controller to continue his game, his mum came into the living room with her book.  
“Time's up…”  She kindheartedly said.

dingoImage result for callof duty dingo                   Image result for call of duty aquarium

Excuses By Pratham

WALT-Use repetition

Sorry Miss…
I switched on the switch,
But there was a power cut.
The room was pitch dark,
I stepped on a macadamia nut.

Sorry Miss…
I accidently spilt melted gallium,
Right on the power bank.
My chromebook grew arms and legs,
Then the charger sank.

Sorry Miss…
There was acidic rain,
It ripped apart my home.
The charger then exploded,
Suddenly it was in Rome.

Sorry Miss…
A UFO crashed in my room,
Then aliens broke my table.
Sergeant Bobby Bob,
Then went to a stable.

Sorry Miss…
There was an oxygen loss,
Then there was some tension.
The aliens darted away,
And then there was confusion.